5 Factors You Must Consider When Hiring an Architecture Firm


1. Experience of the architecture company in your own industry sector

Previous experience in your own industry can help establish communication, comfort level and trust on your design project. Don’t just pick a company randomly. Even if you choose a top architecture company in Malaysia, the project wouldn’t yield good results if your architect doesn’t have a clear background on the job.

2. The talent level of the team

Apart from assessing the firm’s portfolio and reputation, you may also want to take into account the profile of the team that will be handling your design and building project. In the bid and business development request portion of the project, ask the company to provide you information about the team that will be working with you.

3. The ability to streamline work components

This part revolves around establishing a relationship with a company who has a long-term vision of the goals of your project. The most reliable companies understand the important steps involved in building an establishment. Work with a company that understands both the long-term and short-term needs of a project.

4. The affordability of the architecture project

Cost will always be an important factor. The primary advice here is to pick a company that provides timely, quality and affordable builds. Before finalizing your choice, you must understand the ins of outs of budget and architecture cost structure. Make sure that there are no surprise costs and hidden fees that may pop up once you sign.

5. Accessibility of the company for communication

Regardless of the kind of service or product being delivered, communication is everything. The best architecture companies answer your questions and over communicate before you even inquire. Choose a firm that prioritizes your needs, and takes complete ownership in your own project.

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