5 Questions to Ask When Hiring An Event Planner


1. “What event management tools and software do you use regularly?”

Event management tools make our lives easier and more convenient. Find out what specific tool she employs for budget, project management, ticketing, event websites, and reporting/analytics. Using technology for a seamless routine ensures a well-organized workflow. It maximizes transparency and efficiency.

2. “What kinds of services do you offer?”

It’s crucial to know which types of services the candidate is working on. Do you thinks he can fully handle all of your requirements? Do you want her to look for a venue and audio-visual services? Will she be able to organize catering, and hire speakers properly? Check if she is well-connected in the industry.

3. “What is your area of expertise?”

The best event planners in Malaysia have their own specializations. To make sure that this person is a good fit for your business, inquire about the kind of events she works on. If she works on corporate events most of the time, then she is a great fit for those companies that handles a lot of business conferences.

4. “What are the services included in your fee?”

It is crucial to know the event organizer’s fees, up front. You wouldn’t want any nasty surprises later on! What is her flat fee? Ask how she charges her clients? Is it hourly, cost-per-person or percentage? Is there an additional fee for the support staff?

5. “How will you protect the event?”

Every event planner must be up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry, as well as with the safety and health regulations. She must know how to carry out risk assessments well. In addition to that, she must have her own event planning liability insurance.

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