Easy Tips for Web Hosting Beginners


Did you know that for you to operate a website and have it up and running online that
you will need a web hosting provider for that? If you did not know that before, at least
you now know that.
That being said, because of the many web hosting providers that have sprung up
throughout the years, complete beginners do not know exactly how to choose the right
one for them.
Today, I am going to be providing some easy tips for web hosting beginners.

Go for Shared Web Hosting

This notion presupposes that you are just running a personal website like a portfolio site
or a blog. That is because shared web hosting is the most affordable hosting plan that
you can buy right now.
For the uninitiated, shared web hosting is where your website will be grouped with other
websites inside a single server (hence the term, ‘shared hosting’).
For the most part, you do not have to worry much since your type of website doesn’t
really require a lot of server resources.
However, if you are running a business, you might want to go with other options, such

VPS and Dedicated Hosting

Although shared hosting should be sufficient enough for most users, business owners
would have to think about getting other hosting plans. The services that you need to
look at are either VPS or dedicated hosting. Let me explain further.
VPS Hosting stands for Virtual Private Server Hosting and it has similarities with shared
hosting in that your website will still be placed in a single server. However, unlike the
previous hosting plan mentioned, VPS hosting is where you are given your own
dedicated resources that only your website, alone, can use. That is thanks to some
virtualization software as you are given a virtual environment, much like an actual server
that is placed inside a computer (if that makes sense).
Dedicated hosting is similar to VPS and shared hosting in that you pretty much get all of
their services, with the exception that instead of using some kind of software to create a
virtual server, you are actually running your own server.

As you can probably tell, dedicated hosting is expensive and should only be considered
if you run a multi-million-dollar business (because such a hosting plan is really

Determine Your Needs

With a sea of different web hosting options, how exactly can you pick the right one for
you? Well, you can narrow down your choices by determining your needs right off the
Do you need more bandwidth and storage? Do you just want to get the most
affordable? Do you want to get the most bang for your buck? Setting your requirements
can help you choose a hosting company quickly and easily.

Good Server, Reliable Service

You’ve already known how web hosting works and that is why you want a company that
is known for good server uptime. Server uptime is just the measure of how long their
servers are up and running without suffering any downtimes.
You also want a web hosting company that provides you with the services that you need
at a reliable rate. For instance, if you run into problems, can you easily get a hold of one
of their representatives to assist you?

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