What Are Proposition and Horn Bets in Craps?


One of the mainstays in live casinos in Malaysia is the game of craps.

I think that most people already know how to play it since it is one of the most enjoyable casino games out there. That being said, there might still be some things that most people do not understand about the game, particularly the proposition and horn bets.

The thing about craps is that the casino typically has a very low advantage over the players. In fact, the house edge of a typical craps game is only a measly 1.41%. Now, a typical pass line bet would win whenever the number 7 or 11 is thrown on the first dice roll. The bet would lose when the numbers 2, 3, or 12 is thrown on the first roll and is in serious trouble when a point is established whenever the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 is shown total on the dice.

For the player to win, the dice must be rolled a couple of times until the number 7 comes up on the dice again. That is basically a typical game of craps and it is deemed as easy as blackjack once you get the feel and hang of the game.

However, even if I told you that you place a pass line bet, it is actually not needed to play the game. That is because placing a pass line bet would mean that you have to wait until certain conditions are met- which is something that most people are not keen on doing.

If you do not want to wait, you can have other options out there such as the horn and proposition bets, which will be discussed further in this article.

What Are Proposition and Horn Bets in Craps?

Proposition bets (or “prop” bets) is where the player makes a one-roll bet. You will either hit the bet on the next dice roll or not (in which case, you will lose). A lot of craps players highly advise new players to not engage in prop bets because the house edge is typically higher in this game mode. However, it is actually quite exciting and fun to do and you will know if you won or lost just right after placing the bet.

Suppose that the stickman would say, “anybody on eleven”, they want any player to toss him a chip for the next dice roll coming up that shows the number 11. If the dice do roll the number, you will be given a prize of 15-1.

That is actually a pretty good payoff, considering that you can make a small bet for as little as $1. Even though the house advantage is set at 11.11% for prop bets, you would still win a lot of money if you win.

The horn bet is another single-roll bet but the difference is that it is a split between 2, 3, 11, and 12. Should the player place a $4 horn, then that would be a dollar for each number.

For example, when the dice hits either 3 or 11, you will get paid $12 or 3-1 on your bet. The reason why you get this is that you will lose a dollar on the 2, 11, and 12 and your bet will stay up on the horn, which allows the dealer to subtract $3 from your 15-1 payoff, thus giving you $12.

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