A Short Guide to Buying a Quartz Watch


Are you looking for a quality, classy and affordable men’s watches in Malaysia? You may want to settle with a quartz watch.

Quartz watches are incredibly affordable and accurate. The quartz movement utilizes electricity from a little battery. Since it utilizes electric pulses to move the second watch hand, you will notice a unique “tick-tick” movement. Clearly, it is not as smooth as an automatic of mechanical watch.

Since quartz movements depend on electricity and much fewer moving parts, they are far more accurate, and can withstand more beating compared to other types of watches.



Since they have fewer moving parts, quartz watches are more durable. If your job requires tons of dirty and rough work, a quartz movement watch is a great choice for everyday wear.


It’s possible to buy a quartz watch for such a little amount of money. While the classiest ones cost hundreds of dollars, they are always more affordable than automatic and mechanical varieties.

Accurate time.

It is, so far, the most accurate of all the other movements. It will never add or lose seconds throughout the day.

Less maintenance.

Aside from changing batteries each year, there is very little maintenance you need to do on a quartz watch.


Less romantic.

The biggest disadvantage of a quartz watch is that it lacks character and charm. It doesn’t have the romance of many classy mechanical watches. Why? Well, they lack technical craftsmanship, engineering and history.

No smooth movement.

The movement of the second hand is not as smooth as that of an automatic of mechanical watch.

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