Cloud Security 101


Cloud security, or computing security, is composed of a set of controls, technologies, policies and procedures that work all together to protect cloud infrastructure, data and systems. The security measures are configured in order to support regulatory compliance, protect data and protect client’s privacy.

From filtering traffic to authenticating access, cloud security can be configured depending on the needs of a business. The manner cloud security is provided would depend on the cloud provider, though its implementation must be a collaboration between the provider and business owner. Aside from looking from looking for a top web hosting company in Malaysia for your business, you also need to take into account the benefits of cloud security.

1. Reduced costs

Using clouds security and cloud storage takes away the need to invest in a reliable, dedicated hardware. Not only can it lessen capital expenses, but it also lessens administrative overheads. Cloud security provides proactive security measures with very little human intervention.

2. Centralized security

If cloud computing centralizes data and applications, cloud security, on the other hand, centralizes protection. Cloud-based business networks are composed of several endpoints and devices. Managing all of these entities improves traffic filtering and analysis, as well streamlines the network event monitoring. This results in fewer policy and software updates. If actioned and implemented easily, disaster recovery plans can also be managed in a single place.

3. Reduced Administration

Choosing a reliable cloud services provider and platform means saying goodbye to manual security configurations. Once you move everything to the cloud, the security administration occurs in a single place, and is completely managed and monitored on your behalf.

Selecting the Most Appropriate Cloud Security Solution

Choose the correct cloud security solution for your brand and business. This is crucial, if you want to make the most from your cloud. Only a reputable cloud security team can protect you from data breaches, unauthorized access and other threats.

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