Some Rookie Blogging Mistakes and How to Fix Them


So, you want to establish your own blogging website because you have earned that you can earn money blogging. Well, that is actually true, but there is more to it than that.

It is so simple to create a blogging website nowadays as many people use content management systems like Drupal or WordPress to establish their website.

But, with so many things that are in your mind, bloggers usually forget the most important thing: their readers.

Today, I will go over some of the most common rookie mistakes and how you can fix them.

Your Writing is Centered Towards You

You have traveled the world, been to many places and have experienced different cultures. That is good and all and your blog is centered more towards your experiences. But, have you stopped to ask yourself what it can do to benefit your readers?

Most people who go to blogs rarely, if ever, care about your experiences. They want to look at what they can actually use from the things that you write. Unsurprisingly, the most popular blogs are those that create “how-to” guides because of this reason.

Although you can still write about your travels, create your blog posts in a way that will help your readers somewhat. For instance, you can say that when you travel to Country X, you should take the local PUV as opposed to the airport taxi to save money.

Doing it that way, you not only express yourself in your posts but you also provide some meaningful and helpful information to your audience.

Your Blog Has No Clear Direction

So, you’ve established your website. That is good and all but have you thought about what niche you’re going to tackle? I’ve seen a lot of rookie bloggers that tend to write about everything. Here’s the thing: if you are doing it that way, then you are not going to maximize your site traffic.

If you want to grow an audience, you have to select a niche and then stick with it. That is so that your blog actually has a clear direction.

Once you’ve found that niche, you need to stay focused by writing posts about topics related to the industry you’ve selected. For example, if you chose the fitness industry, then write posts that are related to fitness such as how to lose weight, the best exercises for your butt, among many others.

Bad Blog Design

Since a blog is technically a website, you need to follow the rules of good web design. Make sure that your website loads pretty fast as studies have shown that whenever a website doesn’t load well within 3 seconds, then you can expect a much higher bounce rate.

You should also make sure that your posts are legible- something like 14px or 16px font sizes are good sizes to use.

When making your posts, always include relevant images so that your posts do not get too boring. Write in a more conversational tone so that your audience can relate and make sure that you are utilizing the headers to give a concrete structure to your posts.

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